Software Equhyste - Equivalent viscous damping

Equhyste I created a handy tool to calculate the area of a hysteresis loop and its equivalent viscous damping. Though the calculation isn’t particularly complex, repetitive tasks can become tedious sometimes. This software can compute the complete cycles of a hysteresis loop, the area of each cycle, and the equivalent viscous damping corresponding to each cycle. The equivalent viscous damping is calculated using the following formula,

\[{h_{eq}} = \frac{\Delta A}{4\pi \cdot A}\]

Where: $\Delta A$ is the area of the hysteresis loop, and $A$ is the area of the shaded triangle OAB.


With the formula above, we can quickly calculate the equivalent viscous damping,


Download and Installation

The software is compatible with Windows (x32, x64) platforms: DOWNLOAD

Basic Operation

The software accepts text files with two columns of data, separated by commas, tabs, spaces, carats (^), or slashes (/). The following separator styles are supported,


The graphical area supports both keyboard and mouse operations:

  • ”+”: Zoom in
  • ”-“: Zoom out
  • “↑”: Move up
  • “↓”: Move down
  • “←”: Move left
  • “→”: Move right
  • Drag with the left mouse button to zoom in
  • Right-click to zoom out